Friday, August 30, 2013

Zumba Convention Day Three!

Day Three was complete craziness! I had three classes that day instead of two and was so scared that I was gonna die. On the agenda was Aqua Zumba, African Mix, and Caribbean Heat. I don't know what I was thinking when I made my schedule for this day, but I obviously didn't realize that these were all high impact classes.

Apparently I survived because I am talking to you now ha ha.

It was also crazy because I met Beto guys! I know. I was freaking out. My dad kept on seeing him around the hotel while me and my mom were in our classes. We yelled at my father told my father in a very lady-like fashion how unfair it was that he was seeing Beto and we weren't. Well, that morning my father went down to get coffee because he cannot live without it (typical Hispanic), and saw Beto taking pictures in the lobby. He called us right away and we ran for it! Ha ha. Aqua Zumba was our first class of the day, and I was only in a bikini top and shorts, but I did not care at that moment. I just threw a sweater on and we got there just in time. Poor Beto can't even walk four feet without getting hounded by us crazy Zumba people, so we took the picture as he was walking backward to the elevators. He took my phone (omg) and took the picture like we were all besties.

Then it was time to rush to Aqua Zumba, since the whole Beto fiasco set us back a little :). Aqua Zumba is pretty much Zumba in the water and it was pretty amaze-beans. The resistance of the water is something I have never experienced before and makes up for the not-sweatiness of regular Zumba. African Mix and Caribbean Heat were non-stop. I was a jumping, popping, kicking, gyrating machine that day. I don't think my sweat glands could have possibly produced anymore! TMI? Sorry.

Then it was time for the best part! The Soiree. Every year the convention holds a party for all the ZIN's (Zumba people) to hang out and dress up, and just have a great drunk time. I didn't drink or anything but I loved the party. The theme of the party changes every year and this year's was, Mid Summer Night's Dream. People could be anything from faries, to goddesses, to nymphs, to Minotaurs, and anything else that is mystical. My mom and I went as pixies and made our costumes ourselves. I just didn't make the tutu. I know someone who just happens to make them and she offered me one. It was really pretty. I did our makeup and we were out the door to see everyone else's crazy outfits.

I am telling you there are no crazier bunch than us Zumbonians. A lot of people came in really creative costumes that I didn't even know were possible. Some came in regular clothes, just really dolled up and fancy. And some just thought, "Hey my costume is no shirt and no pants." The less the merrier I say!

There was actually this guy there that I bumped into, who had only a pair of shorts on and I was not complaining. He was like, "Damn", when he saw me. And I was like, "What?" And then he tried to utter more words, but didn't seem to have the ability to speak and walked away. I saw him earlier with some friends, so I'm guessing he was looking for them. I guess I am a guy repellent. I usually don't like getting hit on, because sometimes they can be creepy (remember the Halal Food Truck guy when I went to NYC). So of course, the one guy who I don't mind hitting on me, runs away. What is life? Oh well haha. I still had an awesome night! :)
Beto! Isn't he the cutest?

My mom, and the African Mix instructors. I was talking to the guy, telling him how he looks just like my friends Stanley lol

The evidence of a hard days work. I told you my sweat glands had no more after that.

Bathed and pixie-ed out.

This girl came as a statue, because her friend was Medusa. Hands down, most awesome idea ever.

Three blind mice.

I have no idea what he was, but he was a guy with a bra and I wanted a picture.

Mom, pops, and me. You can really see our makeup here :)

Me and Momma Dukes.

Up close and personal with my fairy makeup.

My dad calls this one, "The Thinking Fairy" ha ha.

Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zumba Convention Day Two!

The next day, my classes were a little more intense. I took something called Zumba Core. It's still dancing, but your engaging your core the entire time. That means abs sucked in the whole time. I definitely felt it the next day. The ZES that taught that was Iza. She is from Poland and is incredible in person. I have seen her on the DVD and if you have the Zumba Wii game, you have probably seen her too. And, oh my God, guys she was sooooooo sweet. Probably the nicest one I met.

Then it was time for Beto's class. That's right, I said Beto. He class was off the hook! How he created Zumba was one day he was going to teach a class in his native country, Colombia, and forgot his tapes. Instead of just canceling the class, he ran to his car, got tapes of whatever he had in there (rock, pop, salsa) and just improvised his whole class. No verbal cueing, and nobody even noticed. He looked around and saw everyone smiling, sweating, and having a good time. They were just feeling the music. Beto thought to himself, this would really be something, and so Zumba was created. And that is exactly how that class was. He just came on stage and danced, and that is more than enough for me. And let me tell you, 2 hours of straight dancing is no joke. But he was so simple with his choreography that you don't feel like you are going to die. It was the best.

After class I also got to take a picture with two more ZES's. I took one with Melissa, the blonde you saw from yesterday, and Dr. B. She is the ZES from India and does the Bollywood workshop at the convention. And they call her Dr. B because she actually has her PhD. She was so sweet, and tiny, in person ha ha.

After that, it was time to go to the Sean Paul concert. Sean Paul? Just gimme the light. That guy? Yes girl, him. We actually saw him in the lobby and he was so cool. He was probably on the way to set up his show. He sounds the same live, and was a super nice guy. I was so tired though that I stayed only for the classics and to hear his new song and then I bounced ha ha.

I was pretty excited! lol

After Zumba Core! Look at Iza's abs yo!

Melissa again. She was so sweet.

Dr. B 

Me and Momma Bear before Saun Paul took the stage.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zumba Convention Day Four & Last Day


The fourth day of my stay in Orlando was the last day of the Zumba convention. I was so sad, but happy because my last class of the day was Salsa & Merengue Mash-Up. Salsa and Merengue is what I grew up dancing to, so despite the fact that my legs felt like lead by that day, I knew that class could be easy. Walter Diaz is the ZES who taught it. I love the way he choreographs. Him and Beto actually grew up together and he uses simple moves that make you sweat, just like Beto does. I think I had a smile on my face the entire time. Before class started he was on stage setting up, and as I walked by the stage, he looked at me and I smiled and waved. He smiled and waved back at me. I think I screamed like a school guy inside. I have watched him on the DVD's we get and it was surreal to be so close to him. It was like that with all the other ZES too, but just knowing that it was my last day made me really realize that I am around all the people I watch. Its still weird to think about.

After that, I had a workshop called Warm-Up and Cool-Down. This was just a ZES, Tony who is one of the original ZES's, who ran through his warm-up and cool down. The warm-up was about 11 minutes and the cool down was 5, and that was the only dancing I had to do in that class. Finally a break! Ha ha. I really wanted to take it though since I want to be an instructor. He was actually really informative and funny. Tony was also on the very first Zumba DVD that came out over 10 years ago. I used to do that tape every single day. I still know it by heart. It was really cool to be in the same room with him. On the last day of convention there weren't any other events since people leave right after. It was kinda sad walking through the hotel with no more people in bright colors, and yelling for no good reason.

Waiting for our first class.

Walter! He kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug after this picture. I had a One Direction fan girl moment.

I have no clue who these guys were, but come on. Self explanatory. 
The next day was our last official day of being in Orlando, I really wanted to go to Universal Studios and go on the rides, but when I woke up asking for the oil can, my mom and I just went to chill and do nothing by the pool. Guys, doing nothing never felt so good. We started by taking some sun, and then when it got really hot we just went into the pool to cool off. We took some pictures, too, and even got to see a couple more people from the convention. We also ran into Jani Roberts, who is a ZES and actually knows us! So of course we got a picture with her.

Later that night we went to City Walk. It is inside Universal Studios, but more where the stores and restaurants are. We went for dinner, froyo, and some shopping. I just got a gift for my friend, Matt and a keychain for myself that says, "In a world where you can be anything you want, be yourself". I liked that message a lot, so I spent the extra 10 bucks on it. 

Now remember how getting to Florida was a horror movie. Well that was the Hannah Montana Movie compared to the Texas Chainsaw we experienced coming back. First of all, I was very sad to leave the hotel, where everything was pretty and the beds were comfy. And then we went to i-Hop before going to the airport, so that helped lol. But when we got to the airport, we found out that our flight was delayed by 30 minutes. Not so bad, right? Well they boarded us, and there we were not taking off because they were experiencing difficulties with the plane. The pilot didn't say what it was, but I didn't care, I was nervous. I'm a New Yorker and planes do not bring back good memories, feel me? An hour and a half later the pilot says that the maintenance people finally figured it out and that we were ready for take off. Thank god, we made it back safely to JFK, only instead of that being at 7 it ended up being at 9:30. Good thing we packed food with us for the plane, since we obviously would not have been able to grab dinner. 

In the end I can't complain, though. The plane rides were nothing compared to convention. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like if I can survive convention and constantly being on the run, that I can conquer a lot now. Both mentally and physically. I cannot wait until next year! :)

Laying out pool side.

It got hot so I had to get into the pool, but then it was too cold so I only went up to there.

I want one of these water fall thingies.

Me and my dad flexing lol! I think I won.

Jani Roberts!

Jimmy! He is Jani's personal assistance. He was actually there when I got licensed in Zumba.

My sexy face. Not really.

Mommy and I going into City Walk.

Me at dinner. Damn I look tired!

I miss seeing palm trees!

I was very sad guys lol

Before the airport.
And there you have it guys! That was my vacation. I hoped you enjoyed reading and seeing it :) 

Until next time,
Nicole xoxo

Zumba Convention Day One!

Hey guys! I feel like it has been ages since I have talked to you guys. I have missed you!!! After I came  back from Orlando I was flung back into work. And I don't know if you remember, but I am studying for my group exercise certification so I can teach Zumba at gyms. Well, lets just say that its less than a months away and had a long way to go with the study guide, so that took up all my blogging time. But now that I am back on track, let's get on to the blog. I am so excited to share with you my vacation. It was sooooo much fun, and something I will never forget.

And so it began...

Traveling can be like a horror movie. The first half hour is just people living their normal life, and the whole time you are like okay when is the scary stuff gonna happen. Sometimes the movie satisfies your craving for screaming your head off and other times the movie is just whatever, but still pretty entertaining. Well my experience flying to Orlando was the one where you scream your head off. First of all, the sandwich I packed got all soggy, and I had no choice but to chow it down because we were about to take off. Talk about ew. Then we got to Orlando (thank god), but we had to stay in the sky for another hour. That had my nerves rattling. When we finally made it to the bag pick-up and got our car, it was another hour delay. Then we got lost going to the hotel (Orlando is very confusing at night). Checking into the hotel was fine, but we got there too late to register for the convention and would have to do it the morning it started. We were also so cranky from the flight that when we road to Walmart to get some essentials for the week, there was a lot of bickering and awkward silence. Not fun. By the time we went to bed it was past 1 in the morning and I was so ready to sleep. My mother and I made a note to take an early flight next time ha ha.

After less than five hours of sleep, we had to run down to register. Thankfully, our luck had turned around because there was no line. We were registered and heading to our first activity of the day. The first official day of convention begins with a kick off session, which is basically a huge meeting of all the Zumba people, creators, and special guests. The meeting was awesome! The special guest this year was Sherri Shepard from The View, and she was HILARIOUS. Then the creator of Zumba, Beto Perez (love him!) came out and said a couple words.

The theme of the whole convention this year was dreams, and so throughout the meeting they were making people's dream come true. One that really got me was a teenager from Germany who they surprised and brought on stage. He has been getting bullied all his life, but said that when he does Zumba "it doesn't hurt anymore". When the Zumba office heard about this kid, they decided to film their first ever, anti-bully video starring him. And not only that, but they were gonna do it right there. He started crying and his mother was in on the whole thing too. It was really cool, and since I have dealt with bullying myself, I was so excited to be part of the video even if I was just in the crowd. 

I also saw a lot of the Zumba people who are on the tapes they send us. They are called ZES's. Each country has one to represent, to make Zumba the international phenomenon it is. They are like mini celebrities to us. Best believe I took pictures with everyone that I could get. 

As for the classes I had, I took Burlesque, which was really fun. And then at night there was the fitness concert. Each class during the convention are 2 hours long, but I swear they fly by. Even when your tired you don't feel it because you are running on pure energy. 

Wanna see some pictures?! :) Now I didn't get an pictures of the fitness concert because Beto made us promise (he really wants people to dance, and that was his dream for the convention), but I got a lot more so don't worry.

Before the horror!

Zumba clothes. Yes, there was some shopping done.

That is Beto. Hot, no?

Me being a loser.

View from the room :)

After registration, looking all cute with our name tags ha ha.

Loretta, a ZES.

Steve. Another ZES who is smokin'. Look at my face. Is that not pure happiness?



Zumba store.

ZES's Gina, Betsy, and Melissa. They are gorgeous in person. It should be banned.

The crazy amount of people at the Zumba Concert. There are more beind me. It was unreal!

Mother and I before sweating our asses off at the concert :)
And that's all for now...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Travel Makeup Ideas and Tips.

Heeeellllooooooo! As many of you know I will be going to Orlando for a Zumba extravaganza! I will be leaving tomorrow and am super excited about it. And since I have been so busy with work lately (sorry :/) I wanted to give you guys a much overdue post about what I will look like tomorrow :)

I know that many people do not think about makeup when they are traveling. In between packing, and last minute shopping, and remembering the tickets, makeup can seem daunting. Some don't think of it at all on an everyday basis, but if you do, keep reading. I also think that the more simple, non-makeup girls will get some tips for this. This is also a very go to makeup look that is perfect for everyday. I took a lot of the pointers from Makeup For Dummies and simplified it a lot, so if those tutorials were a bit much, I hope you find this post helpful.

Now on to the post!


I first started of with a cleansed, moisturized face and applied face primer. Mine is from Makeup Forever in #1. 

I then applied my foundation by dotting it all over my face and blending it in with my stippling brush. 

After that, I put on some concealer using a highlighting pen from Givenchy and literally drawing stripes on my problem spots, making me look like a bizarre tiger. I then blended that mess in with my fingers.


For everything else on my face I used the following, in order from left to right. 

I kiss you!

I contoured my face with the L'Oreal true match powder with my angled face brush. Then went over that with my Stila bronzer for some added pizazz. I then highlighted with my Laura Mercier highlighting powder. I used the same brush for all of these steps, cause ain't nobody got time to use more than one.



First thing's first. Eyebrows. You already know! Brush, fill, brush once more, and set it.


 Prime your lids first with some find of base and go in with a light shimmering eyeshadow. I used one from an Urban Decay Palette, but anyone would do. This will just make your eyes look nice and bright, no matter how zombie-like you feel inside. We all know traveling can be draining. I took that color and blended it from my lash line all the way into my brow bone. Don't forget to get the tear-duct as well. That way your brow and inner corner highlight is done already.

Then take a soft brown color and blend that into the crease and outer corner. I even took what was left on the brush and applied it under the eye too for some soft definition.

Next, take a black liner and line the upper water line. To do this I kind of look down and run the pencil back and forth. This will define and make the lashes appear fuller without having to apply liner on the top. See how much more defined the left eye looks?

Then, line the outer third of the lower waterline. 

Now all you gotta do it curl and mascara your lashes and you are done! See? Wasn't that easy? For the lips you can do whatever you want. I chose a pink gloss, because its fast, easy, and low maintenance. But if you wanna just do a lip balm or slap on some red lipstick, then do you girl haha.

Other Tips:

  • Bring food. Sandwich, carrots, apples and peanut butter, granola bar. Anything to keep you going. 
  • Bring something to occupy your time as you wait, or even for on the plane. Things like books, cards, crossword puzzles.
  • Take your own blanket along so you won't have to pay for one on the plane. 
  • Take a sweater with you. I like those big comfy cardigans, because the plane is sometimes cold. I'm going to Florida, so I will be dressed for warm weather. So, this sweater idea is perfect for me when I am stuck on a freezing plane.
  • Throw some headphones in your carry on in case you want to watch a movie, or listen to music.
And there you have it. I hope all of you get something out of this post. Leave comments below! You can also comment me on my Instagram and Facebook, or shoot me a tweet. 

Have an awesome day, everyone!!!!
Nicole xo