Friday, August 30, 2013

Zumba Convention Day Three!

Day Three was complete craziness! I had three classes that day instead of two and was so scared that I was gonna die. On the agenda was Aqua Zumba, African Mix, and Caribbean Heat. I don't know what I was thinking when I made my schedule for this day, but I obviously didn't realize that these were all high impact classes.

Apparently I survived because I am talking to you now ha ha.

It was also crazy because I met Beto guys! I know. I was freaking out. My dad kept on seeing him around the hotel while me and my mom were in our classes. We yelled at my father told my father in a very lady-like fashion how unfair it was that he was seeing Beto and we weren't. Well, that morning my father went down to get coffee because he cannot live without it (typical Hispanic), and saw Beto taking pictures in the lobby. He called us right away and we ran for it! Ha ha. Aqua Zumba was our first class of the day, and I was only in a bikini top and shorts, but I did not care at that moment. I just threw a sweater on and we got there just in time. Poor Beto can't even walk four feet without getting hounded by us crazy Zumba people, so we took the picture as he was walking backward to the elevators. He took my phone (omg) and took the picture like we were all besties.

Then it was time to rush to Aqua Zumba, since the whole Beto fiasco set us back a little :). Aqua Zumba is pretty much Zumba in the water and it was pretty amaze-beans. The resistance of the water is something I have never experienced before and makes up for the not-sweatiness of regular Zumba. African Mix and Caribbean Heat were non-stop. I was a jumping, popping, kicking, gyrating machine that day. I don't think my sweat glands could have possibly produced anymore! TMI? Sorry.

Then it was time for the best part! The Soiree. Every year the convention holds a party for all the ZIN's (Zumba people) to hang out and dress up, and just have a great drunk time. I didn't drink or anything but I loved the party. The theme of the party changes every year and this year's was, Mid Summer Night's Dream. People could be anything from faries, to goddesses, to nymphs, to Minotaurs, and anything else that is mystical. My mom and I went as pixies and made our costumes ourselves. I just didn't make the tutu. I know someone who just happens to make them and she offered me one. It was really pretty. I did our makeup and we were out the door to see everyone else's crazy outfits.

I am telling you there are no crazier bunch than us Zumbonians. A lot of people came in really creative costumes that I didn't even know were possible. Some came in regular clothes, just really dolled up and fancy. And some just thought, "Hey my costume is no shirt and no pants." The less the merrier I say!

There was actually this guy there that I bumped into, who had only a pair of shorts on and I was not complaining. He was like, "Damn", when he saw me. And I was like, "What?" And then he tried to utter more words, but didn't seem to have the ability to speak and walked away. I saw him earlier with some friends, so I'm guessing he was looking for them. I guess I am a guy repellent. I usually don't like getting hit on, because sometimes they can be creepy (remember the Halal Food Truck guy when I went to NYC). So of course, the one guy who I don't mind hitting on me, runs away. What is life? Oh well haha. I still had an awesome night! :)
Beto! Isn't he the cutest?

My mom, and the African Mix instructors. I was talking to the guy, telling him how he looks just like my friends Stanley lol

The evidence of a hard days work. I told you my sweat glands had no more after that.

Bathed and pixie-ed out.

This girl came as a statue, because her friend was Medusa. Hands down, most awesome idea ever.

Three blind mice.

I have no idea what he was, but he was a guy with a bra and I wanted a picture.

Mom, pops, and me. You can really see our makeup here :)

Me and Momma Dukes.

Up close and personal with my fairy makeup.

My dad calls this one, "The Thinking Fairy" ha ha.

Stay tuned for more!

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