Thursday, August 8, 2013

Floral Headband DIY and Mini-Makeup Haul

 Hey guys :)
I am soo excited for next week because I am going to Orlando!!!! No I will not be going to see Mickey or Goofy (sad face) but I will be seeing Beto. For those of you who are not Zumba lunatics (like me), Beto is the creator of Zumba. Every year there is a Zumba convention in Orlando, and other countries around the world. Well since I live in this country (U.S) I will be going to Florida ha ha. At the convention I will pretty much be booty-shaking 24/7 in classes. But there is also a concert, and a party. The theme of the party changes annually, and this year the theme is Midsummer's Night Dream. So people are encouraged to dress up as elves, nymphs, goddesses, and pretty much any other mystical creature.

My mom and I decided we are going to be fairies. I am going to wear a floral dress that I have that is very pixie-like. And my mom is going to wear a corset and tutu that she got at Hot Topic. She's gonna be a bad ass fairy lol. So, now that we are going to be fairies, first things first, the makeup. Yesterday I went to Sephora (on my day off ha ha) to get some makeup for the festivities and for myself. I got a new foundation and primer from Makeup Forever. The foundation is crazzzzzyyyyy good. I also got a purple eyeliner from them. You know how I love purple :) And last, but not least, the Makeup Forever Flash Palette.

I am so excited about this! I have wanted this since I was a freshmen in high school watching Kandee Johnson on Youtube. The Flash Palette is pretty much Jesus in makeup form. It is cream based colors that are invincible. They can be used anywhere too. The body, the face, the eyes, the lips. The creator of Makeup Forever was actually a painter, and even specialized in elaborate body painting, so she really transfers that into her brand. And for that, I love her! Thanks Dany :) So, I'm broke from all of my expenses, but I don't care because I am happy.

DIY Alert

Since this party will only be for one day, and we might be too damn tired to even stay there, my mom and I decided not to spend a million dollars on a fairy costume. Hence, the floral dress I am wearing. In a previous post I talked about the trend of floral print in fashion, and this dress is another example of that. So yesterday we went to A.C Moore to find things to make our own flower headbands. Now ours are totally ridiculous and extreme because it is for a costume, but regular flower head bands are super in right now.

Cute huh? So just use smaller flowers for yours, or not as many. Let's get started.

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (we chose brown)
  • Felt
  • Fake flowers
  • Hot glue gun
  • A lot of spare time!
First, measure the ribbon around your head. Leave some slack just in case. Cut the ribbon and lay it on a flat surface. 

Cut felt into little squares, the same size of the ribbon so it won't show.

For the flowers you will have to take out the stems from the base or else it will not stick. This is really easy, and awesome if you are angry! Ha ha. First you have to pull the flower of the stem. Take out the backing of the flower. And pull the stem that is remaining out of the middle of the flower. This is really easy to pull out. 

Each layer of the flower is going to come apart, but this is okay because then you can layer the petals however you want and make your own damn flower lol. So if a flower was all pink, but you wanted it to have some purple, you can now stack each layer on top of the other. 

Now to get the layout of how the flowers will fall, I just arranged them without glue first. Stack as much as you want until you are satisfied. Like so:

Then turn the flowers up side down, so that you can glue them together from the bottom up. This will ensure that you will get the same flower you planned out.

Turn your hot glue gun on. Once is is heated (takes about 3-5 minutes), glue a small amount on a piece of felt. 

Them glue on your first piece of flower. Keep gluing each layer, until your flower is done. 

Squeeze a small amount of glue on the spot on the ribbon that you want the flower to be. And place the felt on top. The reason I didn't glue the flower directly onto the ribbon is because the felt will hold onto the flower more securely. Hold for a couple seconds. Keep on doing this for all of the flowers, until the headband is completed to your heart's desire. 

And boom!

Yes I may look crazy, but with the whole outfit, I think it will all come together :) Now remember this is for my costume, so I will be adding little tendrils down the back to look more fairy-like. I decided not to show that part, because I wanted to show you something that people actually wear with normal outfits ha ha. I think I will be making more of these in the future. They are really fun to make actually, and the more you do it, the easier it gets. By the time I got to creating my second flower I was demolishing and rebuilding flowers like a pro. It really gets the creative juices flowing also. I was doing it with my mom too, so its something you can bond over. So, do it with friends or family as a cool activity that everyone can enjoy. If you are a mom with a little girl who thinks she is a fairy princess, or a teen who likes this new trend, try this out with them :) 

Hope you all enjoyed! If you try this feel free to send me pictures on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. All are with the names NGMthatface :) I would love to see your creations!

Love you guys!
Nicole xo.
Oh and P.S if you follow me on Instagram then you know about my new look. If you don't though, here it is :) 

I am in love with my Mohawk! What do you guys think?! Okay now it is really bye ha ha. Have a wonderful night! 

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