Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zumba Convention Day Two!

The next day, my classes were a little more intense. I took something called Zumba Core. It's still dancing, but your engaging your core the entire time. That means abs sucked in the whole time. I definitely felt it the next day. The ZES that taught that was Iza. She is from Poland and is incredible in person. I have seen her on the DVD and if you have the Zumba Wii game, you have probably seen her too. And, oh my God, guys she was sooooooo sweet. Probably the nicest one I met.

Then it was time for Beto's class. That's right, I said Beto. He class was off the hook! How he created Zumba was one day he was going to teach a class in his native country, Colombia, and forgot his tapes. Instead of just canceling the class, he ran to his car, got tapes of whatever he had in there (rock, pop, salsa) and just improvised his whole class. No verbal cueing, and nobody even noticed. He looked around and saw everyone smiling, sweating, and having a good time. They were just feeling the music. Beto thought to himself, this would really be something, and so Zumba was created. And that is exactly how that class was. He just came on stage and danced, and that is more than enough for me. And let me tell you, 2 hours of straight dancing is no joke. But he was so simple with his choreography that you don't feel like you are going to die. It was the best.

After class I also got to take a picture with two more ZES's. I took one with Melissa, the blonde you saw from yesterday, and Dr. B. She is the ZES from India and does the Bollywood workshop at the convention. And they call her Dr. B because she actually has her PhD. She was so sweet, and tiny, in person ha ha.

After that, it was time to go to the Sean Paul concert. Sean Paul? Just gimme the light. That guy? Yes girl, him. We actually saw him in the lobby and he was so cool. He was probably on the way to set up his show. He sounds the same live, and was a super nice guy. I was so tired though that I stayed only for the classics and to hear his new song and then I bounced ha ha.

I was pretty excited! lol

After Zumba Core! Look at Iza's abs yo!

Melissa again. She was so sweet.

Dr. B 

Me and Momma Bear before Saun Paul took the stage.

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