Sunday, July 14, 2013

Under Construction

Hello all!
I just wanted to take a moment to send out my thoughts, prayers, condolences, and all good things to the loved ones and family of Treyvon Martin. Life is just so backwards sometimes. The same goes for Cory Monteith. It was definitely a shocking weekend to say the least.

 Taken from this world too soon <3

Despite the recent tragedies, I hope you have all had a wonderful week. Mine has been jam packed with work and stuff (what else is new), but I promised you a post this weekend. I was off today so I had no excuse. I want to blog and talk to you guys though, so its not a matter of excuses :)

Anyway, so much stuff has happened that I want to fill you guys in on. I worked Tuesday through Friday, but managed to make it into IKEA Friday night to buy some new furniture. I was so excited. I get so psyched when I get to get new stuff to decorate with and my room really needed it. For the longest time I had this little vanity that has been broken. NO BUENO. I couldn't even open it up to use it. Plus it was really small, so I couldn't even store my makeup in it. My makeup collection is growing and isn't going to stop anytime soon, so I decided to get a desk.

Oh and when I was at IKEA, I saw my future kitchen. My life plan is to have an apartment all to myself with no kids and no husband. You know what that means...

... a pink kitchen y'all. The women in the picture were so cute. When I went to take the picture they were like, "Do you want us to be your models?" And they started doing kitchen like activities. So awesome. I love people who are silly like that :) So shout out to them. Let's get back to my room though hehe.

Aside from my desk area, my walls also needed some work. There were a lot of scuffs and marks on them and I could not take it anymore, so I painted them on Saturday. My room looked absolutely cray!

Its kind of embarrassing, but you and I go way back so its all good :) Now my room looks like this:

Much better, no? I think so too. Isn't my new desk so cute? I also bought the mirror in the right hand corner that can also light up. This was the vanity I used to have...

It was just so disorganized. The new desk gives me the opportunity to actually give everything a place. Now I have something to put my laptop on, so it is easier for me to blog. See?

You can't see the desk, but there's me being a little weirdo for you :) And what is that thing in front of the mirror, you ask? A tripod. That's right for filming. What could you possibly be filming, Nicole? Well, I'll tell you. YOUTUBE VIDEOS BITCHES! That's right :) I have been wanting to do this since forever. The blog has just made me more comfortable putting myself out there. Plus I think it will be easier when I show you guys makeup tutorials if you see it in action. I think that I will try to post one once a week, once I get the hang of editing (you know how I have a lack of technologyness). I am still super excited!

Another little advancement in my life is that I have registered to get my AFAA certification. What's that?! When you get certified through AFAA it means that you are able to teach at a gym. Gyms will not hire you without this. I have mentioned before that I am licensed in Zumba, but since I don't have my AFAA yet I can't teach at a gym. Well not for long baby! There is a lot of studying to do though, so I gotta get crackin'. Look at this book, yo...

It's actually really scientific, so its the real deal. I'm excited though. Looks like I'm excited about a lot of things ha ha. If I thought I was busy before, I am in for the long haul now. I might need you guys for mental support. Because I just might go mental, as the British would say :)

Hmmmm. What else is new in my life? Oh yeah! I graduated from community college, guys :) Really excited about that too lol Two years flies by so fast!

Soooooooo yeah. That has been my life so far guys. Hope you enjoyed :)

PS: I will have a more detailed post about my room with more pictures. Once everything is finished. I have some finishing touches to make, like hanging up this little beauty:

Mah girl, Audrey! 

Goodnight or good morning, wherever you are!
Nicole xo.

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