Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Make-Up Tips and Must Haves!

Hello my beautiful readers! :)

Yesterday was a very exciting day for two reasons. One: I got out of work early. Two: My mother, father and I brought home a new addition to the family. Everyone, say hello to the beautiful, the pleasurable, insatiable.... Just kidding. Everyone this is Indi!!! 

Isn't it so pretty? Its a green cheek conure. And yes I said "it" because we don't know the sex of the bird yet. We need to take it to the vet to get either a DNA test or a blood test. We have to find a vet for birds first though. So imagine our dismay when trying to pick out a name. You see, conures are very smart and learn their name just like a dog would. So we didn't wanna give it a boy name if its a girl since changing the name would confuse it. I was very persistent about naming it Buckbeak, like the big white bird from Harry Potter, but my mom shut me down (I was sad. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan). But then my mom came out and said, "Indi!" And that was that. It fits the bird perfectly.  She actually got the idea from the movie character, Indiana Jones, who was often called Indi for short. So whether our little conure turns out to be a boy or girl, it'll fit. 

Okay now on to business. If you live anywhere near New York than you know that we have changed our name to Africa. It is so damn hot! Makeup and heat have always had a hard time getting along. So here is what you will need in your makeup collection to not melt away. First and foremost you need a sunblock to protect your face from the sun. Then you will need a primer with oil control to hold on to your foundation. And on top you will need a setting powder and spray. You have seen these before...

Summer is also a great time to play with some color :) as you know I love me a pop of color. Yesterday I did a cat eyeliner look, but did it with a dark green liner instead of black. The day before that I lined the bottom of my eyes with purple eyeshadow. 

Did think that was all the tip I had? Think again, buddy! Using anything purple on brown eyes will make brown eyes pop. So if you have dark as night brown eyes, like me, it makes them actually look brown. Literally my eyes were popping out of my face. One thing that looks really cool is to get a dark plum mascara. You can't even tell that its plum, but it does wonders yo! I did the purple look today but lined the top as well. This also works for hazel eyes. 

For blue eyes go for greens and pinks. I also find that lining the eyes with blacks or dark browns really makes them stand out too. Green eyes will also respond well to pinky colors and blue.

Blue eyes with green

Blue eyes with pink

Green eyes with blue

Green eyes with pink. This is my favorite I think :)

So go crazy girl! (Or boy) You can line your eyes like me, or go all out and put the color on your whole lid. Experiment and have fun :) it's impossible to look ridiculous when your already so beautiful, ya feel me? So tell me... 

Do you have any summer makeup essentials? 
What colors work for your eyes? 

Okay, so this post is getting kinda long so bye! :)
-Nicole xo.

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