Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Here, Kitty Kitty!

Happy Tuesday!
So today I was planning out what make-up look to do and decided to do a cat eye look. Then I realized that I never showed you guys a tutorial on how to do it (Gasp). It is blasphemy. Well, I bring you salvation with this post. 
Many people think that the cat eye is very complicated, but it is actually really simple. Four steps and you have a show-stopping eye with very little effort. Watch. Everyone will be asking you how it is done. 
Let's get started, shall we?!

Step 1:
Choose your weapon eyeliner of choice. 
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Pen in Trooper

Step 2:
Line the top lash line like normal.

Step 3:
Position the tip of your liner at the corner of your lashes and draw straight up from that point. A good tip is to use the outer corner of your lower lash line as the starting point, and the end of your brow as where you want the wing to go. I will show you...

Now you might think this looks weird, but just bare with me ha ha.

Step 4:
Draw from the end of the wing you just made back into the normal line you made at the very beginning. It will end up looking like a little triangle or an un-filled in wing.
(I made it obnoxiously big so you can see the blank triangle)

Step 5:
Fill in the space with liner, making sure everything is seamless. And then you get this...

I swear you will get perfect wings every time. And see how the start of the wing is lined up with my lower lash line? That is what you want. Feel free to being the wing out more or even less than I did. It's up to you. No matter what you will get that nice sultry look.
Here it is with all my makeup completed.

I chose to pair my liner with a bold lip, and some blue and green eyeshadow. But sometimes I do the whole Audrey Hepburn (love her!) thing and do neutral eyes and lips. That's what I love about the cat/winged eye. It is so versatile and conforms to individual taste. It is pretty much my go-to look when I wanna spice things up without having to go crazy.

Ever done a cat-eye before?
What is your go-to eye look?

Let me know in the comments below :)
Have a good night, everyone!
Nicole xo.

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