Friday, June 28, 2013

CVS Haul

Hello, lovely people!
I am very excited to share with you what I got a CVS yesterday. 
Not only do I blog, but I read other blogs. I have seen these products mentioned over and over again on these other blogs and have always made a note to get them. Well yesterday I decided it was the day to go to CVS and get them all at once, and then become broke! Yes, broke I tell you. Did you know you can spend $72 dollars at a drug store? Me either. When I told Tito (my sister's boyfriend) the amount I spent, he almost had a coronary. He's a banker so money means something to him lol
I know you're thinking, Girl you work at a makeup store. What are you doing at CVS? Well I was off yesterday and CVS is much closer. And as I've said I have heard wonderful things about these products, and seen their magic on Youtube. Plus, I'm not snotty when it comes to brands and wanted to try something new. Learn from my mistakes though, guys. Don't buy everything at once like a looney-toon. 
Moving on... here are the culprits :)
 Revlon Lip gloss in Bellini
 From left to right:
Revlon Lipstick in 'Pink in the Afternoon'
L'Oreal Lipstick in 'Endless Kiss'
Maybeline Clear Great Lash Mascara
L'Oreal True Match Powder in W7
Milani Baked Blush in 'Luminoso'

First of all, these products were all 100% worth it. I don't care if it cost an arm and a leg. For not high-end brands they do the job.
A lot of people have trouble finding the perfect red, hot pink, or even dark berries for their lips. These have never been a problem for me. Nudes and light pinks, on the other hand, have been my kryptonite. They are either too light and wash me out, or are too baby pink and look like I'm a six year old wearing her mothers lipstick. But, I swear these two lipsticks on the left are perfection. 'Pink in the Afternoon' is more of a natural looking pink, but they amplify the natural color of my lips, which is something I have been looking for since forever. 'Endless Kiss' is a little less pinky. It has a cooler undertone, making it appear more clear on my lips. It is awesome if you want to play up the eyes a bit more and dumb the lips down. And when I put 'Bellini' on top of both of them... giiiiirrllllllll! It is the perfect nude. Think Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez. You will look so tan and sexified. And I love it on its own too. It doesn't wash me out and has the perfect amount of shimmer. I see a lot of pool and beach days with my buddy, Bellini.

I got the clear mascara not for my lashes. What?! That's right. I got it as a setting gel for my eyebrows. I did them today with this stuff and it makes the biggest difference. My eye brows stay just as dark as they were when I first filled them in this morning, and make them look cleaner. Get this stuff. It is hashtag awesome.
Look at my brows, girl!
Shout out to my girl, Audrey on my shirt :)

The face powder I actually got a shade or two darker than my skin tone. Why, you ask? Well, I wanted something more matte and in a neutral tone to make my contour more natural looking. Bronzers are good, but I felt like it was just too warm for me. A more skin-tone color will look like its your face and not a bronzer you put there. Don't get me wrong I still dusted bronzer on the same places, but it was just to get that golden affect, not to be used as my sole contouring tool. 

Now, ladies and gentlemen I would like to take a special moment to talk about the blessing that is this blush. I mean, look at it!
Ooooo, aaaaahhh...

See how it is all cracked looking? Well in those cracks there are hints and flecks of gold, peach, and shimmer. I put it on and my cheeks don't look like I have a flat color of pink. My cheeks look real and like a healthy pink glow. The peach undertone to it is also very flattering. It adds some spice. The luminous shimmer in it also gives you that dewy, youthful look that we all long for. This stuff is crazy. Its on crack! (get it? 'cause it has cracks in it). Okay, I'm done ha ha.

So yeah. If you are in need of a new lipstick for everyday, want to get a peachy glow, or just want something new, go to and check these out. Get one thing, or be crazy like me and get it all. 
I hope this helped anyone who is looking for new goodies :)

Have you tried any of these products?
What lip colors give you the toughest time?
Have you ever spent a crazy amount of money in a drug store? Ha ha.

Let me know in the comments below. Don't worry, I won't judge you ;)
Have a wonderful night and weekend, everyone!
-Nicole xo.

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