Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Got Lashes?!

Correction, everyone. Last night I said that me and my mom are certified Zumba instructors. However, according to my mother we are licensed in Zumba. Oops! I thought they were the same thing, but I guess not ha ha. Now that that is cleared up, let's get on to some makeup, shall we?

I also realized that on my post yesterday I totally forgot to show you guys when I did my mascara! That is unacceptable and I am sorry. Not to worry though, because today's post is all about lashes :)

Now, I don't know about you, but I am completely lacking in the eyelash department. Example:
No mascara on the left. Yup.
 It is for this reason that mascara is the longest part of my makeup routine, and my makeup must-have. Lashes are so important. They open up the eye and just complete the eye look all together. Mascara is also important on those days where you really don't feel like putting on eyeliner or eye shadow. Bold lashes do a great job of defining the eye on their own. So without further ado I will share with you my little trick for getting those long lashes when you really don't. And if you already have long lashes then I hate you this will make them even longer :)

The mascara I use is Urban Decay's (big surprise!) Super Curl Mascara. It is literally the only mascara that works for me. I got it for Christmas when I was 16 and have not stopped getting it since. I think the secret is in the brush. It is not wobbly or flimsy, as are the bristles. This helps to keep the mascara from clumping and going on your eyelid. It also has the slightest curve to it, which really comes in handy.

Lets get started.

1. Curl lashes with a lash curler. Hold for 10-20 seconds:

2. Hold wand vertically and swipe across lashes in a window wiper motion. Stop when all lashes are coated:

3. Hold wand horizontally, curved side down. Look down, and coat the tops of the lashes:

4. With curved side still down, put on mascara like normal, coating lashes from root to tip:

5. Turn the curved side up and repeat Step 4. With the curve right against the lashes, the roots get lifted really well:

6. Don't forget the bottom lashes! Simply place wand on the lower lash line, wiggling the wand from side to side:

I have been using this trick for so long. And though my lashes will never look like Katy Perry's on their own, it really helps. I have some people come up to me saying that I have such long lashes. Some even ask if I'm wearing false individual lashes. Like, what?! So try this guys. Because. It. Works. It might sound like a long process, but once you get the hang of it, its like nothing. Plus, its faster that putting on false ones, right?

After Shots!

I hope this helps. Give it a try and let me know how it comes out :)

Oh, and in case you are wondering my headband is from Forever21 and my lipstick is from Milani in the shade "Hot Pink Rage".

What is your makeup must-have?
What is the longest part of your makeup routine?
Do you share my problem or were you blessed with long lashes? (GRRR)

Leave a comment below, girl!
Yours truly,
Nicole xo.

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