Friday, June 21, 2013

Super Bag!

Now that should brighten up your Friday, no?
You're welcome ladies :)
Last night was my parents' anniversary and they invited me to see the new Superman with them. With Henry Cavill (aka my new love) as the Man of Steel, how could I resist? I mean look at him. 
In action.
If only there were guys like this in real life. I have this theory that actors aren't real. They are just made out of the pixels in our television screens. Don't you think so, too? 
Even when he makes ridiculous faces he is still beautiful. And he is from the UK, so his accent makes him like ten times hotter. Thank you Great Britain! I must make a note to visit that great country later in life :) 
In all seriousness though, the movie was really good. He did a good job at portraying the alien we know and love. And they made Lois Lane totally badass. A must see in my humble opinion. 
I also have to be honest that I was a fan of Mister Red and Blue before this Henry guy (sorry, Henry). I used to watch the one with Christopher Reeves all the time. He was my favorite super hero actually.

Okay, okay. I'm done now. We may now go on to our normal scheduled blogging...

As you know, I work at Sephora. Every week we have representatives come in from the different brands. They are makeup artists as well, that from from Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, Nars, etc. And if you are working a day a rep comes in you get trained on new product. When you get the training then you are given the product to sample out. I know, I have such a hard life :). Well yesterday I got this HUGE bag full of new stuff that I cannot wait to share with you...
Super Bag! (Get it? Because I was talking about Superman before. I know I'm funny.)

I have never gotten a bag this big before, but I've been working more this month and was able to be there for more trainings. Wanna see what I got?

Here it is (from left to right):
-Benefit's Porefessional Primer, and Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow primer. I also got a regular face primer from them.
-Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion (like I don't have that one already).
-Jack Black's Moisturizer and Beard Lube. Beard lube is basically a shaving cream meant for a man's face, but it can be used on the legs as well.
-Cover FX Mattifying Face Primer
-Benefit's They're Real mascara.
-Makeup Forever Mascara
-Urban Decay eye shadow palette
- Lipgloss and green liquid liner from Stila
-Cleansing Oil, Moisturizer, and Face oil from NUDE
-Bumble&Bumble Shampoo and Conditioner. 
-Shampoo and Conditioner from Caviar

I am so excited to try this all out. Rest assured that you will be hearing about it all :)

Oh, and for other updates in my life. I made employee of the month guys! 
Yeah, I'm a pretty big deal :)

I've never made employee of the month before, so I was pretty excited. I'm a dork I know, but it's cool when hard work pays off. And since I got this prize I will also be getting a yoga mat. Like, what? I love yoga, so yay me.

One more thing...
At Sephora we also do 'Fun Face Weekend' and this weekend the theme is 1920's Flapper. I was a flapper for Halloween two years ago, and am obsessed with flappers so I was so excited for this. Here's a look at the flapper look I attempted today
 Baby Vamp
And one in Black and White. Gotta make it historically correct :)

I have to do a 1920's look tomorrow, too. So I will be showing that to you as well. I think I will even do separate blogs on how to achieve the two looks. I think it is stunning, and though it might be too much for summer on those hot days, you can bust out your flapper skills come winter and fall :) I'm looking forward to those posts.

So, tell me...
Who was your favorite super hero?
What is your favorite makeup era?
Do you think Henry Cavill is the hottest thing ever?
Wait don't answer that. It was a stupid question. I already know the answer :)
(If he ever reads this he would think I'm a total creeper) I'm not, Henry. Promise.

Cheerio! (Get it? 'Cause he's British. Damn, look at me being clever again (;)
Nicole xo.

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