Monday, June 24, 2013


Hello, my lovelies! 
I hope your weekends were amazing and full of fun.
Mine was a tad busy, hence the lack in blogging. Not to worry though. I'm back baby and with treats :)
As you know the theme for the past weekend at Sephora was the 1920's. I showed you the first day I did it. It was more of a traditional flapper look. The next day I wanted a completely different look. I did not want to do the same thing over again. However the flapper look is very singular: dark, smokey eye with a dark lip. So I thought I'd modernize the look by doing and ombre lip and false lashes.

This is by far the coolest look I have ever done. It was my first time I had ever attempted to do ombre lipstick as well. Wanna know how to do it? Good. But I warn you this look causes the person wearing it to be extra sassy :) See?

For the lips I used five things. 
First I used a dark wine-y lip liner to pencil the shape of my lips and then filled them in only half way.
MAC Lip Liner in Vino

Then I just penciled around my lips with a black liner.
Urban Decay Eye Liner in Zero

Next I took a hot pink lip liner and filled in other half of my lips that I didn't fill in before.
MAC Lip Liner in Magenta

Lipstick time! I took a dark plum lipstick and filled in half way, and a tiny bit into the hot pink liner.
MAC Lipstick in Diva
 Leave the center of the lips alone. The plum lipstick also helps to blend the black liner into the purple color. For the center of the lips I took a hot, hot, hot pink lip stick and applied that to the very center of the top and bottom lips.
MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town
To blend all colors together seamlessly, I simply pressed my lips together a few times.
The last step is completely optional, however if you want good definition or are messy when lining lips, I highly recommend this step. Take a flat concealer brush and go around the lips with concealer. You will see how precise the lips will look.

And tada! You are done :) I smiled here to show the ombre better.

I hope you guys found this helpful :) And this can be done with all colors. Reds, nudes, pinks...whatever you prefer. It is definitely a nice way to spice up your look. Plus, ombre-ing is very popular at the moment. And in this case I say follow the crowd, because it is gorgeous. 

I will admit that this is a technique that will take you out of your comfort zone. Even I was a little intimidated to this. But honestly, it is fairly easy and I got many compliments on it. I re-did this to get pictures for you guys today and the second time around is much easier. So do not be discouraged. This faded look is 100% achievable.

Have you ever tried an ombre lip?
What makeup technique intimidates you?
Is there anything new you want to try with your makeup?

Have a wonderful day, everyone!
-Nicole xo

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