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Makeup for Dummies, Vol. 1: Makeup Brushes

Hello, my darlings! 
Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. Mine started out with some morning Zumba and it was amazing as always. If you have never tried Zumba, you must! Just sayin'.
My fellow Zumbonians (yes we are a separate race ha ha) and I were chatting after class and they informed me that it would be very helpful for me to show makeup from the beginning. They had a lot of requests that I am sure you may have too. Especially if you are not experienced with makeup, the following posts will be perfect for you. I will try to keep everything as simple as possible, and true to the word 'basic' in the title.
When were talking they asked things like:
  • What is each brush used for? Like I don't know!
  • How do you know which foundation is the right color?
  • What about lipstick? How do you pick the right shade for your lips?
All valid points, and I am more than happy to teach :) Oh and I am not calling you dumb. The title was their idea. I promise! Ha ha. So with no further ado I will start from the very beginning. I'm going back to black as Ms. Winehouse would say...

Now, there are millions (exaggeration) of brushes out there. They come in all different shapes and sizes,  making it very confusing for the average person who just wants to look nice. As you can see I have many brushes.

However, I do not use them on an everyday basis. I know how to use them, but I would only take them along with me if I were 'on the job'. Don't worry I am not going to go through all of them. I don't want to torture you with a boring post anymore than I want to write one. I'm just going to be showing you the brushes I use all day errday. Ya feel me? Good.

I also want to get one thing out of the way before I begin. You might be asking Do I really need brushes to do my makeup? Let me put it this way. If you hired a painting crew, or plumbers, or even the cable guy, and they came to your house without their equipment you would be like double-u tee ef, right? It is the same principle when it comes to makeup. You need the tools to do the job. It will look better and you won't ever have to say that makeup doesn't work. That is blasphemy, I tell you! (I didn't mean to yell. Still love you) Moving on... :) 

Brush 1: Stippling Brush

I actually purchased this brush from MAC ages ago and it is the bombdigadee pretty awesome. It is called a stippling brush. In my experience it gives the most flawless, weightless, airbrushed finish to your foundation. You may be used to seeing the horozantal, flat foundation brushes, but they can sometimes pack the foundation on too heavily. The stippling brush just buffs it in nicely and evenly into the skin.

 Brush 2: Fluffy Powder/Blush Brush

The name is pretty self explanatory, but they don't only have to be used for blusher. I actually use two. I use the top one as a blending brush for when I put on bronzer, and the bottom to apply setting powder. Oh, and I got these from my mom actually, who got them from Mary Kay.

Brush 3: Skinny Angled Brush

 I used this brush for contouring and highlighting my face. I like it because it is thin and gives you really good definition when it comes to contouring. The thinness also comes in handy when you highlight because it fits perfectly into the tiny spots on your face that you want to bring out.

Brush 4: Angled Face Brush

View from the top 

This one I use for my bronzer. The reason I choose this one over the brush mentioned before is because I don't wanna have an orange streak on my face. The bigger the brush, the less concentration of color there will be. I also got this brush from Mary Kay.

Brush 5: Blusher Brush 

This little beauty is not as fluffy as Brush 2 and that is exactly why I use it for blusher. It fits perfectly onto the apples of my cheeks. Trust me, you don't want a big pink spot from your nose to your ear, by using something as big as your face. This brush is also from, you guessed it, Mary Kay.

Brush 6: Flat Concealer Brush

Now this brush is totally optional. I personally just use my finger to press and blend my concealer. If I were doing it on a client, I would definitely use a brush though. But, for yourself the heat of your finger actually helps to blend the concealer much better. It is up to you though. This brush was actually a gift and have no idea where its from lol.

And that is basically it for the brushes. Not bad, right? It might seem like a lot, but when I was taking pictures of my brushes and got to the end, I was like Oh, is that it? But now that you know what each brush can do, you can get just get one or two of them depending on your makeup needs. Or if you already them and are like huh?, now you can start using them.

Also you will notice that this is 'Makeup for Dummies Vol. 1'. In this series, I will publish a post in more detail about a different area of the face. It will go from foundation, to highlighting, contouring, blush, and even eyebrows. So by the end you will be able to achieve a perfect foundation look. 

I think I will do other Volumes, too. Maybe one on lips and eyes. What do you guys think. Yay or nay?

In this post I vaguely show how to highlight and contour, if you have never hear those phrases before. Just click here to see it. I will do it again for you though in this 'Dummies' series in more detail :)

Hope you find this helpful and enjoy the rest of your day!

Nicole xo.

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