Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flower Power!

Hello beautiful people!
I was walking my dog just now and right in front of my house there is a rose bush. The roses looked so vibrant, colorful and beautiful. It just filled me with this very happy feeling for some reason. And it inspired me to write this post today. 
Isn't is strange how something as gentle as a flower can be so powerful? Powerful enough to even be the cause of a fashion trend. I don't know if you have noticed, but floral print has been all the rage this spring and summer season. As the flowers outside were blooming, just as they were they on fabric.
I've been seeing this pattern pop up in various stores in the mall and have discreetly made their way into my closet :) They come in all forms too. Floral print has made its way onto trousers, jeans, shorts, dresses and more...

Normally one might consider this to be a bold print, and so everything else would have to be toned down. But, as you can see this look can be rocked many ways. Wear it with heels, sandals, boots, sneakers, or wedges. The possibilities are endless I tell you! Also, if you look at the second picture you see that floral pants don't have to be paired with solid colors, but other patterns as well. You could even do polka-dots and still be cute. And guys, there are even shoes and phone cases with this stuff. 
Floral print has also been seen on many well-known celebrities:
On the left, Beyonce shows how it can also look dressy when paired with a nice heel and blouse.

Now what I am about to say might sound hard to believe, but it is 100% true. This trend is not only reserved for women, but for men too. I swear and have pictures to prove it.

See? Would I ever lie to you? To be honest, I actually like this look a lot. Its original and a breath of fresh air. I will admit that the second pair are a little out there, but that is fashion and I love it. I'd wear them :) If you are a guy that is unafraid to rock this look then you are awesome. The first pair are more neutral since they are a jean-y color that men are used to wearing. This will just spice up the outfit a little and make it more interesting, don't you think?

I even wore some floral today :) 
Dress: Derek Heart via Mandee
Fedora: Charlotte Russe
Sandals: DSW
And here are some other floral print items that have found their way into my life.
From left to right
Shirt: Cotton Express via Mandee
Bandeau top: Mandee
Orange floral: Rainbow
Dress: Mandee

For those of you who are a little hesitant about buying anything floral, here is some advice: Be like Nike and just do it!
Floral dresses are cute and anyone can pull them off. If you are unsure due to body shape, and don't know what dress style will look good on you, go for an A-line. These cinch a bit at the waste and come out away from the body at the skirt. They are flattering to all body types. 
And here is a note for getting floral trousers. If you are smaller, go for bigger flowers and go ahead and get a pair of skinnies. You can also go for lighter prints as well. If you are a little more voluptuous go for smaller flower prints in darker colors. Skinny jeans will also not be your friend, so go for straight line. You will look fabulous! 

Do you own floral print anything?
If so, what do you wear it with?
Do you like this new trend?

Let a sista know, yo.
Laters! xo

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