Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Silver Lining

It was just one of those days, man. You know, the one where you wake up and the sun is shining. Birds are chirping. Then there is this domino effect of unfortunate events. Well, that is what my day was like. Don't worry it was nothing catastrophic. It all started when I had to return a package of sneakers because they were too big. I had to call FedEx to schedule the pick-up and it took a little longer than I had expected. So I had to rush to shower, get ready for work, eat something, then get to work by 12. I got ready in a relatively timely fashion and decided to wear a dress to work and pack my uniform in a bag, since it was so hot outside. At Sephora we have to wear all black everything and that just wasn't gonna happen in this heat haha. I ate lunch and by the time I was done it was 11:20. Now, my job is reasonably close to my home, but I usually like to leave an hour early because of the parking lot. But, it's a week night and parking isn't so bad, so I thought I was golden. I was wrong...

I was rushing to leave, and went on my merry way on the route that I always take to work. This is ideal since I am the type of person that gets lost in her own neighborhood. Well, today of all days that I am running late, the police decide to close off the road and make me take a different way. Thank goodness I didn't get lost, but I was freaking out until I finally got to a place I recognized. I was a little late to work, but I had called to let them know my situation, and thought the worst was behind me. I was wrong once again.

I went to the back to change my clothes. I dumped the contents of my bag on the counter and this is what lay before me. 
Shirt? Check
Slacks? Check
Shoes? Check
Socks? Check
Wallet? Check
Bra? Check Oops!
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I forgot to bring my bra to work. The dress I wore did not permit a bra and so I told myself to pack one, but my body didn't listen to my brain I guess. And so there I was bra-less and at work. Thankfully I am modest in the chest department, but there is something very unsettling about not wearing one at work. I was not my brightest hour, I will admit, but it went unnoticed :)

Okay enough of my sob story... here is the silver lining. At work the rep from Urban Decay came in and taught my a little trick that I couldn't wait to share with you guys :) Get ready to have your mind blown... Urban Decay has these newly formulated eyeshadows with high pigmentation and a mirrored shine that is to die for. I opted for the shade that the rep had on because is was amaze-beans. It is called, Stargazer. This color is gorgeous. Think Tinkerbell green meets spray paint and rock n' roll. Oh yeah, baby! The picture doesn't really do it much justice. Its more more vibrant in person.
Hello, lover!

All you have to do is mix these two together and the color is unbelievable and longer lasting than with just eye primer alone. You can also use this on its own without the setting spray and still get the color, with a more subtle effect. Also the more you work it, the more it shimmers and glows :) But, here is what to do to get the high voltage-ness. Yes I made up a word. I do it often.

Step 1:

Step 2:

You don't even need a brush. How awesome is that? Now you have this wet pigment to work with that will give no fallout. When working with it wet, also make sure to pat it onto the eyelid and not swipe it across the lid. This will really work the color in. Want proof?

The top is the shadow with the setting spray. And the bottom is like "Yeah I guess you're there Stargazer. I don't know."And...... BAM! Mind is blown. You're welcome ;) You best believe I'm gonna try this tomorrow and will make sure to show you guys.

Hope your day was more pleasant than mine. And if it wasn't I hope it had its own silver lining too.
What was you're worst experience of the day? What little silver linings came out of it? Let me know.

Goodnight everyone <3

*Disclaimer: Urban Decay did not pay me to review and use these products. All items were purchased with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own. :)

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