Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rainy Day= Spa Day!!

Its funny how on days like today-raining cats and  dogs- my brain works. Unlike yesterday. Usually on rainy days I'm all rain , rain go away. However, today I felt strangely productive. I even woke up a 5 a.m. Which is not like me. I am a morning person, but even that is early for me. I did lounge for about an hour, but I finally got up and made me some breakfast.
Oatmeal with berries (my favorite)
Then I headed to the gym for my workout and let me tell you it was a sweaty one today!  Upon returning home, I had this yucky feeling. You know when your face feels like it has an inch of grime on it, and cleansing and moisturizing just doesn't feel like enough? Well, that was me today. Now, I usually always wash my face immediately after a workout. Sweating is good for the pores since it clears them out. However, it can lead to breakouts if you keep the sweat on too long. But, lately I have been slacking in washing my face directly after a sweat session. Sometimes I have to go to the supermarket after, or I am just so hungry that I have to eat first.  Well, today I put a stop to that and treated my self to a mini self-spa day. Its perfect for rainy days like these, since no one is really doing anything and just wants to relax.

Typically my skincare regimen in cleansing and moisturizing twice a day, and exfoliating once a week. This week though I was a bit more active than usual, and that just was not going to be enough for today. So here we go...
Here is what I used today, in order form left to right: Cleanser, dermabrasion, mask, acne spot treatment gel, moisturizer, and a moisturizing gel mask. The gel mask I will apply tonight and leave it on overnight, after cleaning and moisturizing again. Now let's get started.

WARNING! In the following pictures I will have no makeup on. Proceed at your own risk.

Step 1: First, I showered with warm/hot water to create steam. This helps to open up the pores and allow them to really get cleaned out. While I showered, I also cleansed my face moving my hands in a gentle, upward circular motion. This helps to prevent wrinkles later in life and helps keep the face lifted.
Mary Kay Velocity Facial Cleanser
Step 2: Exfoliate time!
Origins Modern Friction
Step 3: Secure hair in a rubber band. Or if you're like me and have short hair, put on a head band so nothing gets onto your hair line.
That's better :) Headband: Forever21
Step 4: Apply mask all over your face. Avoid eyes, mouth and nostrils as best you can.
Mary Kay Revitalizing Mask Formula 2. Can you tell it was almost empty and I had to squeeze the bottles life away? :p
This is a good look.
 I'll be married in the morning!!

My I'm sexy and I know it face lol
Step 5: After 10 minutes, wash off with a damp hand towel that had been running under lukewarm water. I also like to   rinse again with cold water just to close the pores to help keep bacteria out of them.

Step 6: Dot an acne treatment gel on any blemishes you might have. This can be done on acne marks too. And since I've been more active than usual, I had a few pimples pop up (grrrr).
 Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel
Another cute look! Haha.
Step 7: Moisturize! This is so important. Through the whole process you have taken out the oil in your skin. This is good, but your skin needs balance so please moisturize. Remember dry skin, means wrinkly skin. Just think of a raisin. You don't wanna be raisins do you? Though they are delicious. Moving on...
Mary Kay Velocity Lightweight Moisturizer
Step 8: 
SMILE :D 'cause you're finally done haha
I also mentioned that before I go to bed I will be using an overnight mask. Here it is:
Mary Kay TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask
Now you might be thinking girl, you work at Sephora. Why are you using Mary Kay? Well, my mother has been selling it ever since I was a little jelly bean, and when I turned 13 she started buying me skincare. I haven't used anything since, except for the origins exfoliater (which is awesome btw because it is not harsh at all). I guess it was my mother who instilled in me some of my beauty wisdom too. Its in my blood, what can I say?

Some of you reading this might also be super busy with work, school, or may even be new moms. This process might seem overwhelming and you might be thinking ain't nobody got time fo' dat, but the beauty of skincare is that it can be flexible. If you can't do all this in one day, try exfloiating once a week in the shower. Put on a mask for 5 minutes instead of 10. Whatever you have to do. But always, always, always cleanse and moisturize. It takes two seconds. Even if you don't wear makeup. Trust me, when you make time for yourself it will make a world of difference to both your inner and outer beauty. Not only will your skin look and feel good, but you will feel good about yourself. Catching my drift? Make time for you, because you are just as important as that e-mail you just got. Or that paper due next week. Or that doctor's visit for your kid this afternoon.

What do you do to make time for yourself? What is your skincare routine? Tell me, I wanna know :)
Laters x.

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