Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Madness and Masks

Hello everyone! I hope your Monday is going splendidly. My Monday has been nonstop. It started with breakfast and a leg workout. Then I went to clean my room. Don't you just love the feeling after you clean? I love when everything is nice and neat. Anyways, I was quite hungry after my clean-fest and made myself a yummy lunch of a tuna fish sandwich. 

It was a winner. Then I tmade my dinner for later since I'm working late tonight. Then I did my laundry because its been a good two weeks. After that I finally took a shower. I know I'm a gross human being. After the shower I did a mask. You already know from my skin care post that I am so passionate about taking good care of the skin. I don't care how much makeup you have. If your skin is not up to par your makeup will not look good. The mask I did was from a company called, Glam Glow. I heard good things about this mask and was very excited to try it. 

This. Is. Cool. It's a mud mask and goes on this doo-doo gray color. But after ten minutes it changes to an almost light green. When I took it off my skin looked bright and glowing. My skin does not feel oily either. Score. It's a winner guys! 

While in the shower I tried something new too. 

It's a cleanser from Zorres. They are a Greek brand and are completely all natural. This cleanser contains wild rose which is full of more vitamin C than an orange can even dream if. And the smell is so nice. Seriously you guys it smells like Jesus. Not Yeezus. Jesus. 

What masks do you enjoy?
Are your Mondays always madness?

Well that is all for today's post :) Talk to you guys later!
Nicole xo.

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